Corporate Identity

Before and After CNM LLP logos

CNM LLP Corporate Identity

After opening its doors in 2003, CNM quickly became recognized as one of the premier technical advisory firms in Southern California. They put together a skilled team to provide responsive customer service, simplify financial processes and solve problems in the most cost-effective way. Their commitment to their client’s success came back to them in the form of direct referrals, bringing growth and expansion. With growth, came change.

One of those changes was the expansion of their marketing department with the dual goals of updating their marketing materials and further expanding their business.

Ireland Graphic Design was approached by the new marketing associate to design a new corporate identity, beginning with their logo. They wanted a contemporary vibe, with eye-catching colors and modern fonts. Since every other aspect of the project would stem from the logo, months of back and forth ensued. Eventually a design was selected and the rest of the project commenced. Everything from business cards, to internal and external presentations and proposals, to trade show materials and promo products were developed.

Since the implementation of the new corporate identity, two new offices have opened in San Diego and New York City. CNM LLP continues to grow and provide their excellent services to clients in California and New York.

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